Back to Basics: Styling The Button-Down Top

Contributed by Rebekah & Elly

Image courtesy of Vogue

Fashion, Trending

February 2, 2023



Fashion, Trending

February 2, 2023



Contributed By

Rebekah & Elly


One of the oldest tricks in the book for seasoned fashionistas is creating a wardrobe around quality, long-lasting basics, and reinventing them with creative pairings and clever styling tricks. One of the most important cornerstones of any wardrobe is of course, the classic white button down.


At first glance, the button down seems like a boring choice; however, when you think about it, this understated garment is one of the most endlessly versatile things you can have in your closet. From an effortless coverup in the summer to a preppy touch beneath a cosy sweater in cold weather, it’s a trick that shows up without fail, no matter the season. 


Here are three ways you can make the most of this timeless style staple, elevating it or dressing it down to suit a variety of different occasions.


Button Down Your Way


We’ll let you in on a little secret: The buttons on your button down top are completely optional. We don’t just mean leaving a couple unbuttoned at the top, either! Change up your look completely and showcase some cute innerwear (such as a bodysuit or tube top) by fastening only a button or two in the middle of your shirt. Alternatively, button up the top and tie up the bottom ends of your shirt for a neat, cropped effect.


A white button down fastened in the middle with the bottom left open for a casual effect, image courtesy of @sasha.mei on Instagram. Actor James Marsden looking neat, yet relaxed with a tucked-in white button down with a few buttons undone on top, image courtesy of Popsugar


A chic, knotted take on the button down. Image courtesy of @theblondeinpink on Instagram


Experiment With Your Tuck

In addition to tying the ends of your button down in a knot or doing a classic tuck into your jeans, there are plenty of ways you can change up the way you tuck in a button-down that can transform your entire look. We love the half-in, half-out tuck for a relaxed, yet trendy feel, as well as the French tuck made famous by Tan France in hit TV show Queer Eye.

The half-in, half-out tuck, image courtesy of @mylittlebooktique on Instagram. Tan France’s famous French Tuck transformation, image courtesy of GQ Magazine


Amp It Up With Outerwear

Madonna kicking off her MDNA Worldwide Tour in Tel Aviv, image courtesy of Huff Post


One of the most transformative ways you can approach your trusty button-down is by pairing it with a statement piece of outerwear. Although not all of us may be keen on taking on the Madonna cage bra approach, you can also opt for a vest to create a rocker or preppy look, as well as a corset or belt for an hourglass effect.

Bella Hadid sporting a corset over a white button down top, image courtesy of Who What Wear. A classic button down paired with a bright orange ribbed tank top as outerwear, image courtesy of @noone on Instagram 


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