Breaking the Mould: Why Regular Milk is a No-Go for Elderly and Plant-Based Milk is Now a Thing! 

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June 15, 2023



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June 15, 2023



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Hui Yee

As people age, their needs in nutrition change, and some food items could have a significant impact on their health.  


The Side Effect of Consuming Normal Milk for Seniors 


Most of you would know that Lactose is a type of sugar that is present in cow dairy products. However, as people age, their ability to absorb lactose may decline, leading to lactose intolerance. Surprisingly, research reveals that 75% of Asians are actually lactose intolerant. This condition arises from a reduced production of lactase, a kind of crucial enzyme that helps break down lactose in the body. Enzymes are like tiny workers in your body that help break down food. Consequently, elderly or young adults with lactose intolerance may encounter uncomfortable digestive issues like bloating, gas, and diarrhea when consuming regular milk because there isn’t any lactase that helps to break down the lactose they consume.  

Asians are more prone to be lactose intolerant. This is due to the genetics and evolution causing intolerance and Asia had less dairy cultivation and milk consumption than lactose-tolerant nations like Europe. Thus, this causes Asians to have less copies of the lactase persistence gene. In this case, the effect could reflect on older Asians who may have negative reactions to normal milk. Even some Asians that wasn’t lactose intolerance turn lactose intolerance when they grew old.  

Besides that, some elderly people might experience difficulty eating solid foods because of conditions like tooth issues, a weakening digestive system, or a loss of appetite. When these conditions happens, some might still try to eat but it will lead to worst digestive problem. But if they reject to consume any food they would experience growth decline which later make them lose interest in doing daily activity. At the end, it would just be a vicious cycle. Therefore, to break out from this unhealthy cycle, the elderly need something that is liquid yet can provide them with the nutrition they need.  


Healthy Nation: A Plant-Based Milk as an Alternative 

These challenges faced by older individuals can be tackle by taking Healthy Nation milk. It offers a suitable solution. Healthy Nation milk is a plant-based milk that is lactose-free. It is generated from natural ingredients which includes soybean and oats as well as honey to replace white and brown sugar as a more healthier substitute to provide a lactose-free alternative for individuals who cannot take normal milk. Healthy Nation milk is enriched with key nutrients and vitamins, making it a good healthy option for seniors.  


Benefits of Plant- Based Milk for Seniors 

Healthy Nation milk is a handy replacement that provides important nutrients without requiring considerable chewing or digesting. It provides a smooth and readily digestible solution that can supplement or replace meals, ensuring that elderly people are able to obtain sufficient nutrition, without going through the struggle of eating solid foods.  

Gastric difficulties, such as acid reflux or indigestion, are common in the elderly and can intensify by specific foods. Healthy Nation milk is soothing on the stomach and less prone to cause pain because it is lactose-free and plant-based. It offers a relaxing option for people suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, allowing them to enjoy a nutritious beverage without causing digestive concerns. 

High blood pressure, often known as hypertension, is a significant health concern in the elderly. To control blood pressure, dietary changes, such as limiting sugar intake, are frequently advised. Healthy Nation milk is a low-sodium alternative to typical dairy milk that is acceptable for people who have high blood pressure. Their milk uses honey as a replacement for brown and white sugar as a more healthier option. Therefore, elderly people can maintain a balanced nutritional intake while regulating their blood pressure by introducing Healthy Nation milk into their diet. 


3 Variety According To Conditions You Want To Improve 

Healthy Nation releases their Milk powder in 3 varieties that cater for people’s different needs. First is Healthy Nation Flex Well Milk, where it contains vitamin K2 and D3 as well as calcium aids, which is suitable for elderly people who are dealing with osteoporosis or have weak joints, bones and teeth problems.  

Second, is Healthy Nation Get Well Milk that assists elderly people in reducing their gastric problems and chronic inflammation.

Third is Healthy Nation Vita Well Milk. It contains 28 vitamins, minerals and proteins for those who live a hectic lifestyle and are concerned for their overall health. It can provide you with an appropriate amount of nutrients to your body. 

Purchase With Better Price By Using Team Purchase 

Healthy Nation milk is now available for purchase on UU2 app, giving you quick access and convenience. The UU2 app has a Team Purchase option that allows users to work with friends, family, or carers to enjoy better price rate for items you want when you shop together. On Team Purchase you can get Healthy Nation Milk for a lower price compared to buying at other platforms. 

Just download UU2 app from your preferred app store and explore the Healthy Nation milk options available to take advantage of the Team Purchase feature. Get it now for your elderly to improve their well-being with only a few taps on your phone.  

All in all, it is important to select the right milk for your elderly to ensure that they can improve their health conditions. By choosing plant-based milk can bring more benefits in health than harm.  

An Exclusive Treat Awaits! 

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