Autumn/Winter 2022 Around The Globe: London, New York, Milan, Paris 

Contributed by Rebekah & Elly

A model presents a creation for Fendi during the catwalk show for the Women Autumn/Winter 2022/2023 collection on the second day of the Milan Fashion Week in Milan, Feb. 23, 2022. Courtesy of

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December 7, 2022



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December 7, 2022



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Rebekah & Elly


Over the past few seasons, the fashion industry has seen a massive shift to digital platforms due to the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. This season, however, has brought on a welcome return to good, old-fashioned physical runways, flooding the world’s major fashion capitals with the who’s who of style and glamour. 

Here, we’ll be listing the major highlights of fashion week in the four most glamorous capitals in the world, and pinpointing what they have in common as well as how they reflect the individual personalities of their geographical locations. 


This season, London’s young designers burst on the scene in full force with not just 20, but 32 students from the exclusive fashion academy Central Saint Martins showcasing their work on the runway in celebration of London’s incredible diversity, community, and creativity.


The George Trochopoulous collection at the Central Saint Martins runway show, London AW22 courtesy of

UK’s fashion powerhouses didn’t disappoint at bringing high octane energy to the runway. Erdem presented an exploration of contrasts with their collection of interwoven day and evening wear, men and womenswear, and formal and casual wear; while Burberry offered a veritable explosion of classic British punk and pageantry, reinterpreting their signature tartans and trenches with extravagant silhouettes such as ballgowns and power suits.

Burberry AW22 Collection, courtesy of

New York Across the pond from London, New York came through on its reputation as the city that never sleeps with an overall atmosphere of bold eclecticism and All-American timelessness. At the MoMA, Ralph Lauren presented a stately, regal collection featuring monochromatic looks with flawless, sleek cuts and brilliant punches of red. 

Marc Jacobs returned to the New York Public Library to present an unabashed eleganza of maximalism featuring billowing, voluminous ball gowns, elbow-length gloves, and sky-high platforms, headlined by Bella and Gigi Hadid looking almost unrecognisable in bleached brows and bowl cuts.

Bella Hadid at Marc Jacobs AW22, courtesy of

Like London, community was also a running theme among New York’s runways. Alexander McQueen Creative Director Sarah Burton was inspired by the interconnectedness of mycelium among living organisms to produce a triumphant collection headlined by the stunning Kaia Gerber, featuring psychedelic hues and breathtaking embroidery.

Alexander McQueen AW22 Collection, courtesy of


Miu Miu AW22, courtesy of

In Paris, Miu Miu heralded the effortlessly sexy attitude that Paris is known for with preppy, tennis-inspired versions of their micro mini skirts that went viral in the spring. Paired with cosy overcoats, leg warmers, and  flat shoes, each look offered just the right balance of sexy and seasonally appropriate. 

Meanwhile, the ever-iconic Louis Vuitton presented a masterclass in creative layering just in time for the fall. Complemented by the backdrop of the magnificent Musée d’Orsay, the collection showcased expert blending of textures, patterns, and materials grounded by muted, autumnal hues that simply screamed cold-weather chic. 

Chanel presented a love letter to one of the house’s most iconic signatures with their completely tweed-centric runway, featuring flattering jumpsuits and jumper dresses while staying true to Paris’s roots as one of the most timelessly stylish cities in the world.

Left to right: Miu Miu AW22, Louis Vuitton AW22, and Chanel AW22, courtesy of

Milan A major highlight of MFW AW22 was Valentino’s fearless fall collection, which spotlighted Pantone’s ‘Pink PP’ shade as a running theme throughout the entire runway.

Valentino AW22 RTW, courtesy of

In keeping with the season, the looks featured quintessential cold-weather stylings with cosy, high-volume silhouettes of tailored suits, overcoats, and full-skirted dresses paired with platform boots. However, the incorporation of what would ordinarily be considered a spring or summer shade was a jubilant expression of Milan’s effervescent, free-spirited, and joyful spirit.

Meanwhile, Bottega Veneta introduced brand-new creative director Matthieu Blazy’s debut collection to widespread acclaim. The collection was simple, yet effective, featuring an endless stream of wearable, flattering garments that paid homage to incomparable Italian leather and Bottega’s reputation for putting out ‘it-girl’ pieces.

Bottega Veneta AW22, courtesy of

Final Thoughts

Overarching themes this season included community and interconnectedness, with Alexander McQueen’s mycelium-inspired embroidery, Ralph Lauren’s courageously classic, Americana-esque collection, and Burberry’s celebration of regality and rock & roll. 


Additionally, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing designers dedicate themselves to a particular material or colour and run with it, such as Chanel’s tweed runway, Valentino’s Pantone pink extravaganza, and Bottega Veneta’s leather-centric collection. 

To sum up,  we are beyond thrilled to tackle the many eye-catching trends we’ve seen on the runways this season. From London’s rebellious runway looks to New York’s amped-up classics, Paris’s sexy, cool-girl ensembles, and Milan’s simple, bold, and beautiful offerings, we’re bound for a truly fabulous fall, indeed.



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