Pantone 2023: How To Incorporate Digital Lavender Into Your Life

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It’s that time of the year again! Every year, the Pantone Institute combs through colour trends across everything from fashion to social media, marketing, and even politics in order to determine the official Pantone Colour of The Year.


This year, experts have surmised that 2023’s official shade is Digital Lavender, a light, pastel purple colour with the Coloro Code 137-67-16. The reason behind the name of this particular shade is that it has been steadily circulating and increasing in popularity over the internet for a few years now, and for good reason! 


Research has indicated that this dreamy hue helps evoke feelings of serenity and relaxation, which, in this fast-paced world, is just what the doctor ordered. Plus, it’s considered to be a gender-neutral dolour and is easily adapted to both digital and physical spaces, making it an easy colour to incorporate into pretty much anything.


Here are a few ways you can work this trendy shade into your daily routine:


1. Deck Out Your Devices

One of the easiest ways you can digitally lavender-ize your life is by giving your everyday devices a funky, purple makeover. Since we always have our phones and devices on us, it’s a great strategy to infuse our every moment with some dreamy, zen vibes! 

We love Casetify for its premium, highly durable phone cases and their endless options for customisation, so why not pick out your next case in this trendy, tranquil shade?

Y2K Studio Phone Case, available on, Smart Cover for iPad in English Lavender, available on, 2. Lavender Up At Home

Since Digital Lavender has been proven to be a relaxing colour, there’s no better place to use it than in your very own home! This stylish shade is the perfect way to give your sanctuary a facelift while keeping the vibes peaceful and soothing, and goes incredibly well with most neutral shades.

However, before you whip out your paint roller, remember that Digital Lavender is a statement shade. So, it’s best to use it as an accent colour. For example, instead of making it your wallpaper, opt for some cosy lavender bedding, candle holders, or perhaps a throw pillow or two.


Spartan Candle Holder, available on, Digital Lavender living set, image courtesy of smz_wohlsitzen on Instagram, Bohomist Artemis Cushions, image courtesy of @bohomist.official on Instagram

Our tip? Play around with the colour wheel and pair the shade with complementary colours such as yellow and orange.

2) Work It Into Your Outfits

Besides being a calming colour, Digital Lavender is also an extremely versatile shade to wear. Don’t be fooled by this pretty, purple tone— there are lots of ways that both men and women can work Digital Lavender into their looks. Digital Lavender makes for a stunning statement piece, as seen with Olivia Rodrigo’s Met Gala 2022 red carpet look. However, if you’re looking for a way to escape from your typical all-neutral everyday wardrobe, Digital Lavender is the perfect choice because it’s not too bright that it’s overwhelming, but unique enough to give you an edge.

Lavender blouse, image courtesy of jaspal.official on Instagram, Digital Lavender matching set, image courtesy of @lola_studio on Instagram

To summarise, there are plenty of ways you can slip this cool, gender-neutral hue into your home, outfits, and everyday routine. With its scientifically proven calming effect, it-factor, and versatility, we’re certainly expecting to see a lot of it in the coming year.



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